Let us be those strangers. Move Me Do understands how hard this time is and works the hardest to make sure you are moved comfortably while staying stress-free.

Call Move Me Do today, and let’s fulfill all your residential moving needs.

Residential Moving Services You Deserve

Residential or home moving is hard. You are likely packing up your whole life, family, and pets and embarking on an exciting but challenging new journey.

But it really doesn’t need to be. Because we understand how precious this time is, we make sure to handle your move with empathy and care.

We’re not boasting when we say Move Me Do is the best moving company for the job. We’ll come in, handle your belongings with expert care, support you physically and emotionally, handle challenges, and get you from point A to point B in no time.

And we’ll do all of this with our expertly trained, professional moving team. Every Move Me Do member has moving experience and is prepared to meet our specific moving standard. When a mover gets to your home, they have been trained in every service we offer.

They are also regularly drug tested to ensure safe conduct. Every member is licensed and can handle our trucks with ease.

Choose Move Me Do for your residential move. We’ll handle your move with calm competence, address challenges with enthusiasm, and move you swiftly and stress-free.

What To Expect From The Best House Moving Help

If you have never moved with us or never used the services of a moving company, it might be a little overwhelming. You might be scared of not completing your checklists or booking a company only for them to show up a day late.

But Move Me Do, to make your life less stressful, wants to take the mystery out of the moving process.

That’s why we’ll cover what you can expect from our moving services.
We also offer other elite moving services, including:

  • Corporate Moving

  • Domestic Moving

  • Long Distance Moving

All of these services follow roughly the same formula. The only significant difference is you. Every move is different, and to ensure our clients are completely satisfied, we tailor the moving project to your specific needs.

Give Us A Call

Your moving project will start with a call to one of our professional team members, and you’ll order an estimate. As the name suggests, this estimate will give you an idea of how much your move with us will cost.

We consider a lot of variables when creating your estimate:

  • How many items need to be wrapped and moved?

  • How much packing needs to be done?

  • How many rooms do you have?

  • Are there stairs from the house to the truck?

  • What is the walking distance we’ll need to walk?

  • Are there elevators?

We consider all of these things, and it’s why we’ll come to your home – for free – and work out an accurate estimate. If you like our estimate and choose to move with us, then let us know and we’ll officially book you as a Move Me Do client.

Moving Day

After you have confirmed your move with us, you will choose your moving date and time. Be prepared; we are a punctual moving company and will arrive at the specified date and time. Make sure to select the right time.

We’ll come with a box truck and movers, who will have a contract that you need to sign. Your time only starts here, after the contract has been signed. Once the contract is signed, we’ll move your belongings from your home into the box truck.

We’ll disassemble the furniture that needs to be taken apart, wrap and load everything into the truck, and ensure it is secure. At your new home, we’ll reassemble this furniture. We can unmount your TV, but we cannot mount it again at your new home. This needs to be done by a handyman.

If you choose packing services, we’ll handle that too. Everything will be loaded, and we’ll safely drive to your new destination.

Once there, everything will be unloaded and taken to the desired location in your home.
Only after the move will we ask for payment. Once this is done, we’ll ensure everything is in order, say our goodbyes, and leave you to settle in your new home.

See how easy moving can be? Contact us today, and let the best residential movers do it for you.

Professional Local Household Movers

If you like the residential moving services described above, choose Move Me Do to handle your move. We are the best local household movers and will ensure you arrive promptly and without hassle.
All you need to do is give us a call. Contact us and talk to a Move Me Do mover. Let us know what you need, and we’ll plan the best residential move just for you.
Look no further than Move Me Do for fast, affordable, and professional residential moving with exceptional customer care. Give us a call today!