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Frequently asked questions

The process is fairly simple:

  • 1. You call us and order an estimate. There are 3 bedrooms that can take 3 hours and studios that can take over 6 hours. The thing is, many factors come into play: walking distance, elevators, stairs, number of items, packing… But we’re here to help: please call us and we will come to your place and give an estimate for free,
  • 2. if you decide to go with us, you order a move with us,
  • 3. after confirmation we get to your place on our box truck at a specified date/time,
  • 4. you sign the contract and we start moving. That is when the actual move time starts (not when we leave the truck parking!).
  • 5. we disassemble your furniture (e.g. bed, table), move to a new place and assemble back in the desired room. We can unmount TV, but we can’t mount it at the new place as this has to be done by a professional handyman,
  • 6. we pack. Some customers choose to pack themselves to save time and money.
  • 7. when the final stuff moved, we stop the time.
  • 8. after payment (and tip if you liked our work), we leave.
  • Studio and 1 bedroom apartments usually require 2 movers.
  • It is very helpful if you’re there at the destination to show where to move certain stuff we bring in: e.g. to kitchen, to bath, to garage, to balcony… or just mark items as such if you can’t be there.
  • Please let us know if you think you have something for us to know prior to move. For example, heavy items like refrigerator, safe, washing machine etc.
  • We don’t move pianos unless it is a digital one. There are certain services that move extra heavy items, they can provide equipment to move the items.
  • Got 2 bedrooms move? We recommend 3 movers. Trust us, getting 3 movers is budget-friendly and less time-consuming. This is due to a number of items that has to be loaded into truck, unloaded at a new place and taken to respective rooms or certain places. Two bedrooms usually may include, but not limited to:
  • TV and TV stand/mount,
  • table,
  • coffee table,
  • kitchen/bath,
  • balcony/patio,
  • backyard,
  • beds,
  • mattresses,
  • dressers,
  • safe,
  • sofa,
  • books,
  • carpets,
  • piano,
  • computer hardware and cables,
  • microwave oven,
  • bikes,
  • storage,
  • plants, etc.
  • As you can see, the list is quite extensive. Also, bed, couch, and table has to be disassembled and assembled back at the new place (unless the item fits the door). Adding packing into it makes it even longer for only 2 movers. Hence, we recommend 3 movers for a 2-3 bedroom houses/apartments, and 4 movers for 4 bedrooms and up. But, if you’re really sure that your 2 bedrooms are fully packed and can be moved quickly due to way less number of items, then we can surely have 2 movers sent to you.

Up to you. Our experience shows that most of the customers choose to pack themselves. It is clear that people want to save money. But packing is a time-consuming process that may take days. Our movers come with boxes and it’ll take a few hours only. Trust us – this is worth considering. And free!

Yes, we do. COVID-19 has changed very many aspects of our life. This is a hard time we’re going through and, of course, we do adapt to current situation and offer free video consultations as well.

We make moving easy

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Many things can go wrong when moving, and our team is always ready to step up in a crisis. You won’t be left to handle problems alone. Moving with Move Me Do is a hassle-free moving experience.

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We offer a service that goes beyond moving: we show kindness and empathy while you’re making a significant life change.

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We’re highly trained, efficient, and always keep your household items safe. We only use high-quality packing materials and move your things in well-maintained moving vans.